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Invicta Specialty Multi-function Tachymeter Quartz Men`s Watch A Big Watch But Nothing Extreme
Bottom line:
The Invicta Specialty Multi-Function Tachymeter Quartz Men`s Watch is from the brand`s Men`s II Collection; its multi-functional, black dial offering a retro-style and precise timekeeping through modern technology.
The looks of it (and what they mean):
A circular, matte black dial with green, luminous, bar-shaped hour indexes provide a sharp contrast to provide better viewing under any light condition, while the large, Arabic numeral hour index at twelve o`clock keeps things from getting boring. The luminous, silver-toned hands are also big aids towards precise time-reading. The two circular sub-dials beside the 3 and 9 positions of the dial tell you the date and the day of the week. The red hands within the sub-dials appear bright against the black dial, which again enhances visibility under moderate light conditions.
The bezel as well as the case is made from black, ion-plated stainless steel, with a handy tachymeter inscribed on the bezel. However, to use the tachymeter, you need to stop the regular time-keeping function by pulling out the crown and stopping the central seconds-hand at 12. Press the crown down when the vehicle starts moving and that gets the seconds-hand running again. Pull out the crown again when the vehicle has covered the set distance. The seconds-hand shall point at a number which denotes the speed of the moving vehicle. Not convenient like in the chronographs, but with a little practice, it`s not going to get easy.
The Invicta Specialty Watch is covered from the top with a durable, flame-fusion crystal. It provides an excellent resistance to both scratches and knocks while the handsome, black leather strap secures the watch comfortably to your wrist. The red, contrast stitch along the edges adds quite a bit of attractiveness to the whole watch while the traditional, black-plated, stainless steel buckle clasp makes sure things don`t go off the hand when you are more than desk diving. Inside sits a precise, Swiss quartz movement, the Caliber: 9231/1890. The Swiss-made, multifunctional quartz movement is built to last and exhibit cutting-edge efficiency throughout their lifetime. The watch case keeps water away till a depth of 330 feet or 100 meters.
About Invicta II Collection:
Technology for [] optimal construction has always been Invicta`s prowess over the years, which enabled them to create a spectrum of design choices that are innovative and awe-inspiring at the same time. So the Invicta Mens Watches collection was born. The Invicta Specialty Men`s Watch demands attention being an impeccable example of the same. It helps you to indulge into your watch fantasies without burning a hole in your pocket.
End Notes:
The Invicta Men`s Watch is, however, a pretty large watch but its black tone makes it look less than awkwardly oversized but still imparts a sporty look to it.
We are a well-established online retailer of watches with customers from all around the world.
Click Here For More Information : Invicta Specialty And Invicta Mens Watches
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