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Diesel Rollcage Quartz DZ1753 Men`s Watch
The Diesel Rollcage Quartz DZ1753 Men`s Watch is specially engineered and constructed on a frame built around to protect its occupants from injuries and accidents, like sudden drops. It`s a great looking watch that fits well due to its large face and not an overly big size.
Diesel`s turn to sophistication was not without shading its wild side. The Diesel Rollcage Quartz DZ1753 Watch is more polished no doubt but rugged nonetheless! The new Rollcage is sleek stainless steel in a simple, three-hand format. Its dial seems complex at first glance but has only the essentials marked-up, creating a very interesting dial pattern.
The Diesel Rollcage Quartz Men`s Watch plays a crucial role in power dressing. The grey/blue combination creates a gravely serious yet commanding feel; the brushed gunmetal plating perfectly suiting the scenarios.
The Diesel Rollcage Quartz DZ1753 Men`s Watch makes casual and classy mesh into one. It always works out; whether in a modern corporate setup or the afterhours in the pub. It`s laid-back without being boring; there`s no doubt about it being dapper and down-to-earth at the same time.
The 45mm case creates a subtle contrast against the dark blue dial of the Diesel Rollcage Quartz Watch, which is pleasing to the eyes. The grey hands also contribute generously to its masculine elegance while the sleek, applied indexes contribute to its classy feel. The combination of the steel band and the case resembles the minimalistic design, which makes the watch face come up sharper and nonchalant. Details, too, are undoubtedly classy; the refined shade of grey is a fresh hybrid between casual and sleek shades.
The Diesel Machinus Quartz DZ1753 Men`s Watch is a hardy one! Its water resistance of 165 feet is enough for the showers, swimming pools and water parks and its mineral crystal ensures you won`t break it if you accidentally bang it against hard corners and surfaces.
The Diesel Rollcage Quartz DZ1753 Men`s Watch uses a Japanese quartz movement that guarantees some serious accuracy. Longevity too! Jap quartzes stay longer on a battery, without losing time. It can handle the jerks and knocks that may come from the gym or the pool table. You can also wear it to upscale events or when going for a night out with the boys.
Even them who deliberately stay out of the fashion circuits but with an eye and taste for good stuff will sense the Diesel Rollcage Quartz Watch is free from the binds of time and place. It can be worn across multiple settings; a typical epitome of the casu-formal type. The casual aura in straightforward, unrestricted stature with a subtle yet noticeable contrast! A robust look that fits your daily formal and informal dress codes!
We are a well-established online retailer of watches with customers from all around the world. Being a trusted dealer of Citizen, Seiko, Casio, Tissot and Polar brands of watches, all our watches are 100% genuine and brand new.
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