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Tag Heuer Formula 1 Diamond Accent Quartz Women`s Watch Trendy And Fashionable
The sports watches, starting off as a typically male-oriented category, were big, heavy and tended more to be on the utility side than pertaining to dressiness. They had to be highly durable and efficient at any cost, not stylish or fashionable. TAG Heuer ideated to make them open to women by adding the feminine factors, without cutting down anything that would affect the durability or precision. The TAG HeuerWatch was born thus. Lightweight, accurate and less prone to shocks and bumps because of a quartz movement inside, it is free from all kind of maintenances a mechanical watch would have asked for otherwise.
The Formula 1 series is a very fruitful result of TAG Heuer`s association with legendary sports events; the modernity of the crafting mechanisms defining its Swiss character. The Formula 1 thus established itself as the unpretentiously sporting TAG Heuer watch that is OK to be worn anywhere between the field and the wedding hall.
A pleasant and intriguing balance of steel and ceramic; they create a striking contrast that catches ones attention almost immediately. The dial is slightly bigger compared to other women`s watches but its fusion of high performance sports features with a very feminine look makes it fit the evening gown as much as your business suit. The scratch resistant sapphire crystal enhances the sparkles from within, giving the ceramic dial a gleaming appearance.
The low-cost, innovative TAG Watch is neither too expensive, nor too conservative in its design. It retains the spirit of the original Formula 1 watches - the Series 1. It stands out even today because of:
The TAG Heuer Watches For Women showcases the peaceful cohabitation of steel, ceramic and precious stones, the ceramic present both in the bracelet and the dial without creating conflicts or eyesores. The ceramic dial houses the diamond marker well and firm and ensures they don`t come off in case of a hard hit. From the top, the sapphire crystal is very much expected.
The case-back, as always, is engraved with the TAG Heuer logo. Beneath the screwed down stainless steel cover is a Swiss quartz movement, one of the bests you can find in the industry. Till you cross a depth of 200m, the case back will keep the water away.
The Tag Heuer Formula One Quartz Women`s Watch is an ideal piece for ladies who love slightly bigger dials than the petite ones, which helps them to stay correct both in a fashionistic and monetary sense. Take the TAG Heuer Formula Women`s Watch as a sporty tradition emerging as a glamorous fashion statement.
We are a well-established online retailer of watches with customers from all around the world.
Click Here For More Information : Tag Heuer Formula One Quartz And TAG Heuer Watches For Women
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