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Invicta Pro Diver 200M Quartz Blue Dial Mens Watch Unique Designe
The diving scene took note of the Invicta Pro Diver 200M Quartz Blue Dial INV9204/9204 Mens Watch as a worthy piece to wear when frolicking in the seas. As good as any mid-tier Swiss luxury sports watch, the Invicta Pro Diver Watch has a pretty good level for a watch in this price range.
The watch comes with a special, hardened mineral glass set on the top and guarded by the bezel, a design to resist most scratches resulting from head-on bumps. If any scratch comes on the bezel, it can be buffed out.
A stark difference the Invicta Pro Diver Watch holds with most other men`s diving watches is its 38mm size. Diver watches in a traditional size are not a common thing and it specifically answers the needs for them who despite their love for divers` stay away due to the sheer size. Still, it has a slightly chunky feel to it, which makes it suit the wrists habituated to 40-44mm watches.
The royal blue dial is one of the most beautiful parts of the watch. It`s very, very intense; very majestic. Low light makes it look blue-black, which is a great contrast against the shining steel. The scalloped bezel is also the same color leaving out the edge; at first, it will be tough to turn if your hands are oily or sweaty. Once it loosens, wet hands would pose no problem.
The magnified date feature is present but the design of the Invicta Watches would work even without it! It wouldn`t be missed.
The stainless steel bracelet of the Invicta Pro Diver Watch comes with a standard fold-over safety-clasp. Those who have worn flimsy watches so far might find this nice weight a bit cumbersome at first. For the seasoned, it will just keep its presence felt all time. The center links with very reflective, metallic surface fix firmly with the brushed outer links, bringing a subtle contrast to the shine. This hybrid pattern is best suited for dress watches but being into the dress/sports category, it suits the Invicta Pro Diver Mens Watch, making them fit for Friday nights as much as the fun by the sea. You may also use it as a daily watch if bit less formal than strict corporate-wear is what you are used to.
Bottom line: The Invicta Mens Watch is quite an interesting piece of very affordable, functional accessory for men. It has a more than decent quality and a rather striking design. The blue used here is done correctly and that makes the watch more noticeable. is Australia`s premier online store for Wrist Watches.
Click Here For More Information : Invicta Watches And Invicta Pro Diver
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