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Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200m 0076 Men`s Watch
When you want something large and exceptional, the Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M 0076 Men`s Watch fits the bill! Bold and considerably huge, it might not be the largest wrist watch around, but it is pretty close.
The Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph Men`s Watch is a black beauty to be truthful. It`s the black ion-plating on surgical stainless steel that gives it the sleek looks while the unique Flame-fusion crystal with a date-magnifier window covering the dial brings the watch a shining appearance. Surrounding the crystal is a rotating bottle-cap edged bezel with white minute-markers, which also acts as a countdown timer, not just for diving but for anything that you may like. The Tritnite lume-coated silver toned hands and markings offer a sharp contrast maximising visibility for a clear viewing both under bright light and in the dark.
The INVICTA logo is etched into the left side of the case, adding further to the aesthetic appeal of the Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M Men`s Watch. The stern look comes from the absence of numerals on the dial; it`s just raised bold dots except at 12` o clock, where the Invicta logo has been placed. The chapter ring around the dial comprise the seconds-markers while the date window is at 4:00.
As for the subdials, the regular seconds are shown at the 3`o clock position, while the hour subdial is placed at 6:00. The minute subdial is at 9:00 while the central seconds hand measures the chrono seconds. It`s the Swiss Ronda 5030.D Quartz Chronograph movement that makes counting time till 12 hours at a stretch.
The Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M 0076 Watch has an amazing water resistance! You can take it under 600 feet of water without any worry, which makes it a serious divers` watch. At other times, it makes for a perfect watch for casual wearing and land sports purposes - even camping outdoors and hiking; it`s the attractive, high-quality design that makes it possible.
The band of the Invicta Specialty Chronograph 200M 0076 Men`s Watch is made from two-tone PVD-coated stainless steel with interplay between darker and lighter shades. It keeps the monotonous feel away while subduing any unwanted and unpleasant contrast.
However, the Invicta Aviator Chronograph 200M 0076 Men`s Watch is not meant for feeble wrists; its sheer size needs at least a medium sized wrist to rest upon. That said, if you are even of an average built, the Invicta Diver Chronograph 200M 0076 Men`s Watch is going to look good on you. Weighing 250 grams, it is one of the rare wrist watches you can buy at a throwaway price point. And especially, when the workmanship is this outstanding.
We are here to deliver the best prices without any compromise on customer service. Our friendly customer service ensures that any of your questions, before or after your purchase, are always answered.
Click Here For More Information : Invicta Specialty Chronograph
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